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Lots of Websites, One eZ Publish Installation

This tutorial gives developers the power to extend the features and flexibility of eZ Publish beyond a single website, to having an unlimited number in one installation. At the end of this tutorial you will have learned how to best leverage eZ Publish's siteaccess concept to create multiple websites. It will let you apply this concept through the concrete case of building two different, multilingual websites on one single eZ Publish instance.


Users of eZ Publish sometimes wonder if it is possible to make use of a single installation of eZ Publish for multiple websites. The answer is yes?through the power of the ?siteaccess?. In fact, an understanding of siteaccesses gives one the ability to do much more than just host multiple sites in one installation. With this technique you can:

  • make it easier to share content between databases
  • copy and add locations to objects
  • use a single Premium agreement and one eZ Network extension for multiple sites with the same or different content
  • simplify eZ Publish upgrades by consolidating several sites on one installation

This is demo content, to continue real reading, please visit  share.ez.no

About the author : Greg McAvoy-Jensen

Greg is the executive director of  Granite Horizon, one of the largest eZ Publish development firms in the United States of America. A certified eZ Publish developer, he has served clients and trained developers on four continents since he started working with eZ Publish in 2003. His wife Heather and he are proud parents of three wonderful children.

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