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If you want to get involved in the eZ Community's life, help, be helped, share and participate, this page is for you. It gives you a list of hints and tricks on how to actually get involved.

Make sure you also read the  Etiquette, blogging and usage guidelines


Should anything be unclear ( after having read through the following :) ), or if you would like to ask a question, feel free to send an email to community@ez.no.



From  http://share.ez.no/forums, you can pick one of the existing forums and ask a question, make a remark, answers others' questions, or simply read through, looking for a bit of information. The following forums are available:

The "Extensions" forum is broken down into extension-specific subforums:

One forum is dedicated to translators and linguists translating eZ Publish :

One forum is dedicated to local eZ Publish communities who do not have a dedicated platform and would like to share in their native language :

A last forum welcomes suggestions for this portal:

It is often used in conjunction with the  share.ez.no-dedicated issue tracker (not to be confused with the  general eZ Publish issue tracker).


Your experience through an article or tutorial

The  Articles and  Tutorials sections are gold mines of useful, practical information on eZ Publish and eZ Software usage. You may be willing to contribute to growing the amount of common gold by sharing one of your experiences, right here. Read more on this here : Share your experience, write a tutorial for the Community.


Live chat on IRC

Two channels are dedicated to live chat (mostly around eZ Publish and eZ Components), here they are :

Feel free and join the chat. Usually there is a number of people willing to help you out with your problem or discuss features. 
You need an  IRC Client for joining the channel. Here is an indicative list of popular IRC clients :



A central blog planet is aggregating many community members' blogs: http://planetezpublish.org/ (available through  RSS ).
Local initiatives exists, among them the french-speaking blog-planet :  http://www.planet-ezpublish.fr/.

Atop, this platform will soon open to public blogging, stay tuned.



Feel free to register on the eZ Community mailing-list. You can do so here : http://lists.ez.no/mailman/listinfo/sdk-public. It serves as a community support channel, obviously less responsive than IRC or twitter, but more persistent, which can be preferred in some cases.

Another mailing-list helps you see pass by every commit messages on eZ Publish's development trunk. If you are eager to see one specific feature implemented, or simply like to be updated with the bleeding-edge, vip status of eZ Publish, you should subscribe to that one :  http://lists.ez.no/mailman/listinfo/sdk-svn



Follow the eZ Community activity through RSS. Here are the feeds at your disposal:


Social networks

Stay tuned on the portal's activity by following @ezcommunity. Also, cool instant pings happen on Twitter, where many community members are active. Feel free to join this sphere, and the first step could be to follow this Twitter list :  http://twitter.com/i_robin/cms-ezpublish/members.

The eZ Publish Community is also gathered on LinkedIn, swing by  there!

Some Waves  also got attention from the community members. One way to see them is to search, from Google Wave, the following: "with:public ezpublish". So come by and wave on with us. In case you need an invitation, drop a word here : http://share.ez.no/forums/general/ez-publish-on-google-wave.

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Collaborative development

You have developed a cool extension for eZ Publish ? You would like to share it, and get other community members to help you push it ahead ? Then you should visit http://projects.ez.no and open-source it there. You can log in with your ez.no account (the same as your share.ez.no account), and create a new project there. You may want to first check that no similar extension already exists, in which case you would probably prefer joining the existing team and tell about your ideas, suggestions and already crafted code.

This platform gives every project a simple collaborative development sandbox:

  • forums
  • a subversion repository
  • a news wall
  • a home page
  • a rating system for people to praise or blame
  • galleries for screenshots
  • a download section


Online documentation helps you in your daily development and administration tasks. The official documentation for eZ Publish is available at  http://doc.ez.no. A community initiative,http://ezpedia.org, comes as a relevant and handy knowledge base, very complimentary to the online documentation. The eZ Publish API documentation is  here, and the official documentation for the Apache Zeta Components (formerly known as eZ Components) lies here. The Apache Zeta Components serve nowadays, in many places, as base libraries for eZ Publish, and are a generally high-quality set of libraries for web application development.


Trunk, testing and sending feedback

For every eZ Publish release, the usual alpha-beta-rc countdown should happen, and the eZ Community will be in first line to check these pre-release versions of eZ Publish Community Project and push feedback on them.
On top of these regular fevers, on a daily basis you may want to report issues found on eZ Publish, as well as propose enhancements. And this happens here : http://issues.ez.no/ezpublish.

You can as well follow every step of eZ Publish's development by checking out the trunk version of it. It is hosted on a Github server. All you need is to visit  eZ Publish Community Project's github repository, and enjoy :)


Translation and localisation

A central community translation initiative is hosted here http://projects.ez.no/ezpublish_translation. The homepage of the project gives you all necessary details to get involved in translating eZ Publish into your preferred language. If you feel you have a linguist soul, or simply are fed up with not being able to use eZ Publish in your native language, this initiative is for you!

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